Chris Valour is a self-taught visual artist with a primary focus on large-scale abstracts and mixed media sculpture. By combining both traditional and unconventional materials, Valour creates unique works often blurring the line between abstract and fantasy.

Exhibitions / Shows

  • 2010 / Art on the fly / 118 James St. North
  • 2010 / Royal Arts Showcase
  • 2010 / No Story Too Small, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina SK
  • 2010 / River Arts Festival
  • 2010 / OCAD Whodunit Mystery Sale
  • 2010 / ARTA Gallery Mystery Art Sale
  • 2010 / New Bloor Street Festival
  • 2010 / Scarborough Arts Council Annual Festival
  • 2010 / Loose Cannon Gallery / group show
  • 2010 / Hamilton Eco Film & Art Festival / group show
  • 2010 / Brooks Reynolds Photography Show / group show

8 thoughts on “CV

  1. Thank you very much Markus, I really appreciate it. And actually the farm in the pictures at the top is actually across the street from me.

    Maybe I’ll put some pictures up of where I actually live this afternoon.

    Thanks again

  2. Hey man, thanks for following my blog. Expect it to change soon with more updates and such. Wicked artwork Let me know when you’re displaying at a gallery around these parts. Selkirk and fisherville are rad. I used to hang out there all the time when my bro had a house in Selkirk or when I used to jam in Fisherville.


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